December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a great morning!
Started with traditional opening of the presents followed by a steamy hot cup of chilly hot chocolate!
it screams Christmas to me :)not so traditional, but very invigorating to say the least;)
I want to share it with you,so next time on a cold winter day when you need a cup of comfort in your belly, you can make this beauty!

to make 2-4 mugs (depending on the size of it) you'll need:

400grams of milk
200grams of cream (if you like it less fattening, use milk only, but I discourage you from that;)
150grams of chocolate of your choice (I use Hersheys, it doesn't overpower with choco flavor too much)
pinch of salt
and 2-3 chillies (depending how hot you can handle, I use 2) seeds removed, leave the stem on, so you can easily get them out of the pot

heat milk and chillies in the pot, let simmer for a minute or two, move off the heat and let infuse for 10 minutes.
add chocolate, cream, salt, bring back to simmer, stirring constantly. I remove one chilly and leave one in until we are finished with the drink ;) it gets extra spicy at the end!!!

it will look smth like this, do not get alarmed, it might have little lumps, they don't bother me but you can always strain them ;)
pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!!!! Promise, it will be the best cup of hot chocolate you ever had ;)

Off I go to make some cookies ;)
Merry Christmas!

yours truly,


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