December 16, 2009

my first one!

Hello hello ;)
I have succumbed to the trend and started my blog.
I am new to this, so be nice, please ;)
I will most probably end up sounding really random later in the blog, but I start here with the intention of sharing
a bit of my life, love for photography,(self-portraiture mainly, so maybe love for myself ;)lol),
definitely love for making, taking pictures of and eating food, some crafts perhaps?maybe music? and here and there travel .
Sounds lame? maybe,but that's what I do, I am unemployed at the moment, so I have loads of free time, might as well make best of it.

So welcome to my blog, hope it will be a nice one :)

p.s to the very eloquent, pardon my rusty writing, I've been mostly watching TV after college, lol
really miss my creative writing classes at the moment ;)

yours truly Julija

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