January 18, 2010

'bloggy' frustration

I've been fighting with my blog recently, it's been causing unnecessary grief in my life,
so I played the 'ignore it and it will go away" game for a while now. It didn't go away,
I missed it instead ;)

Somebody's got to be smarter I guess...

I have tried posting a few times and It kept telling me there's some error preventing it to post my stuff, so we had a fight and i haven't spoke to it since Christmas...I made yummies,but i guess nobody will ever know how good they were, I hate going back to things, the moment is gone, so is Christmas tree (lie, i just lied! :) i still have it up, too lazy to move it, but it doesn't excite me anymore,so it's good as gone )

I made an awesome pund cake yesterday, stuffed my face with it and worked it all of doing bodyflex this morning, so here's the shot of it, drool all you want,it won't go to your hips ;)

the recipe is generic I used one from about.com website.
I made my glaze with 1cup of powdered sugar. fresh lemon juice and a drop of yellow food color.

p.s I watched  "it's complicated' yesterday... Merryl Streep is on the roll, good on you girl! ;)

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