November 29, 2010

vegan,me? nooo way

so I am on this ridiculously restricting diet...
in short no carbs, carbs are in everything,so i only eat meat, nuts, and tiny amount of veggies...that sucks you'd say, and I'll agree...1000% :D
but I am getting creative to say the least ;) now I spend hours online looking for vegan recipes that include the ingredients I can have and this cheese is just too good not to make ;)
I found this recipe on the glorious website called Vegan Lunchbox.
here's the cheese in all it's splendor! ;)

Enjoy! I sure did!!!

it's fantastic hot right from the oven, waiting for it to cool to see how it's cold ;) the crust is just scrumptious:)
I'm planing on making little cookie shaped thingies out of it next time to get more crust  per bite:D

November 14, 2010

I've been so neglectful  of my blog it's too sad! :D
and yet I am grinning ;)

I think it's a good sign ;) I had too much happening this summer, friends' visits, parents' visit, trips to London and Lithuana,it's been eventful and busy, not to mention very hot!
Italy is one glorious country and I have enjoyed every day of it tremendously!

I will try my best to make up for time lost and do better! 

here are some of the yummies I've made, and after I get off my ridiculously restrictive diet, I'll get to
my normal cooking routine .


Avocado-lime-coconut ice-cream:

one of the healthier treats you can have, and oh so delicious!

1 ripe avocado
2-3 lemons (only use juice)
2-3 limes (use juice,plus use grated zest of one lime)
1 can coconut milk(400ml)

blend all ingredients in the blender until uniform and fluffy (add sugar to your preferences, I used some raw demerara sugar)

pour in the container, freeze and enjoy ;)

i do not mix it like some recipes suggest while it's freezing, it will crystallize no matter what, it's got raw veggie in it, so just let it sit for a bit before eating it will get nice and soft.

Fresh homemade cottage cheese :

3 liters (of fresh not skimmed milk) (12.6c)
250 ml sour cream (1c)
1/3c lemon juice
(makes over a pound of cottage cheese)

warm milk almost to a boiling point
add sour cream and lemon juice
mix on low heat slowly till it clots and whey is separated all the way
once there's no milk left in the pot, drain the cheese
and serve whichever way you like ;) I add some creme fresh and strawberries ,oh yumm!

and one more to finish the sweet trinity ;)

Salted butter caramel ice-cream :

I have used this link
The ice-cream is absolutely delectable!!! one of my favoritest flavors on earth! I've tried this ice-cream flavor in Paris for the first time and thought- goodness! it doesn't get better than that;)
I had a goal to replicate the flavor as close as possible, and I succeeded,  I make it without an ice-cream machine , with one it's probably close to perfection ;D

p.s the recipe is in Italian, but google translate does an amazing job ;)

ciao ciao ;)