December 16, 2009


I was talking to my friend online, and we both shared our foul Christmas mood.
She's packing, I am unpacking ,she mentioned the drink she's planning on buying while snowboarding in Italy, and I remembered I have a whole bottle of gorgeous Bellini in my fridge!

and since I had no clue what to write about today, the idea came in a beautiful martini glass ;) I know, I know, Italians are very particular about what they pour into what glasses, but I am in the middle of unpacking, that's all I could mi dispiace, both for the martini glass and bad Italian;)

If you buy into the Bellini hype that I am poorly attempting to start and decide it's a drink you want to try, here's how you make it at home :

(it is aperitif and it is served before the meals to make you want to eat A LOT;)lol
made me want to drink more )

1 fresh peach per drink, skinned, pitted blended into mush
1 bottle of white sparkling wine (chilled)
1teaspoon of lemon juice
blender, champagne flute
decorate it with a slice of peach
i put sugar on the rim, it's just sooo yummy!

spoon peach mush into the champagne flute, pour half or the amount of
wine into it, stir, add the remaining wine, repeat as many times as you wish! ;)
one thing's for sure, one glass is never enough! ;)

it's a girly drink ;)boys can make em for their girls on special occasions, yumm! ;)

and here's what happened next :
I was looking for better light to take a picture and i spilled my drink :(

but since I have an ECO friendly cleaner at home I didn't get too upset, he rushed to help me out, lol, such a star he is ;) lol and a snooper...

I was fast enough with both camera and shooing him away! I got a shot and my drink remained untouched by his nosy nose ;)
cin cin!!!

I guess drinking cocktails at 3pm  makes me a lush lol, love that word ;)

that's it for today, off I go to continue with unpacking and getting into Christmas mood.

truly yours,

Julija and snoopy Rocco

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