December 17, 2009


I don't know what it is about waking up and seeing the first snow, but it always gets me. Remember how when you were a kid, first day of winter you're wishing for snow, so you can go and play and you finally see it when you wake up to go for school? what an overwhelming feeling! it's dark, and cold out, you're barely awake, but that white fluff just changes everything!
You know you'll fall on your butt a few times on your way to school, you know some mean kid will throw a snowball straight in your face, you know you might be made into a live sleigh by older kids during the break, but still... that white does something to you, it's too special to let anything ruin it for you!

well...I am not going to school today ;) and I got to sleep in till it was actually light outside, thanks to the outside shutters, I was blissfully unaware of the white surprise outside. So when I go to let my white and fluffy RoRo out (it's his new name for now ;) I gasp in absolute awe! there it is! ;) everywhere!!!! sooo delightfully clean! I squeak like a pet toy and grab my camera, of course ;)

how gorgeous is that?! it's not too thick, so I can't compete with any other 'cold' country that's drowning in  it, but I can tell you I was not hoping to see it this year, and here it is! made my day so much brighter, I am sitting and grinning typing this ! ;)

Speaking of school days, did anyone ever get turned into a live sleigh? I know I have,. lol

Imagine,a frail little blond kid, with blue eyes and funny white rabbit fur hat (camouflage really, so I blend better with the snow :) getting tossed in the snow. Now that I am remembering this, makes me wanna think why would somebody do that???  grab a piece of cardboard you bastard! LOL ;)
aaaaand just like a real sleigh, they drop their fat behinds on your back and ride you down the hill...

What a delight that was! I can't help but laugh now, sadly back then you had to get back to class, all soaking wet, with funny snowy dreadlocks on the insides of your boots and gloves. Desperately trying to get warm, while some boring, mean teacher is working hard on pasting some knowledge into your frozen head.

Thank goodness for sophisticated means of enjoying snow, snowboarding and skiing ;) where you get to return to your fancy hotel room and thaw out in a nice bubble bath , and nobody's using you as a impromptu sleigh and there's no Russian Literature class to get back to...

Let's have a nice day ! ;)


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