June 01, 2011

Summer In The City!!!

Right off the bat my summer is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

First thing in the morning I got a phone call from my bestest friend! with some fabulous news! Then I went out to pick some fresh wild strawberries and cherries conveniently growing in my back yard! :)
A nasty little tick came as an added 'bonus' with the berries. Lucky me it was slow,  unlucky the tick-had to fly back into the grass hungry. I am paranoid enough to check myself the second I get out of the grass.

Eeeeeek! you should've heard me scream! My neighbors got a bit of a show with me ripping articles of clothing off in panic :D (it's a good day for everyone I guess;)

Apart from creepy crawlers that come with summer time, I love everything about it: the unexpected rain showers, the thunder and the scorching heat and sunkissed skin ! L-O-V-E it! 

I feel it's only right to celebrate the first day of summer with some yummies! Nothing better than a popsicle to cool you off on a sunny day. I made some '├╝ber' healthy ones and some slightly decadent ones ;)
Eather way they are refreshing and yummy! 

Peaches 'n' Cream Popsicles:

2cups of frozen peaches
1/2 cup cream
sugar/agave/stevia to your desire  (I used none, peaches were really sweet)

blend all ingredients together 
pour into popsicle molds
wait for them to freeze [very impatiently!] :)

Lemon and Wild Strawberry Popsicles: 

1/2 c lemon juice
1c water 
sugar to your preference
fresh wild strawberries ( if you use larger ones,like strawberries or cherries,cut them in quarters)
mix ingredients, make sure sugar is dissolved

Pomegranate Tea Popsicles:

brew tea (3-4 packets) to a cup
add sugar or any other sweetener you use
cool and freeze 

Have a YUMMY summer everyone! 



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la Ragazza con la Valigia said...

You already know it, but why don't write it here too? LOL I lllllllove the first picture - and the popsicles were so good ^^