June 08, 2011

3 am Mascarpone

Sometimes I take forever to get to making food, yesterday
was not that kind of day ;)
3 am, when normal people are fast asleep, I decided I need to make some
mascarpone, so I did ;)
Good thing I always have cream in my fridge:) Instead of dragging my sleepy
self to bed as I should,I went to the fridge.
It takes very little time to make, cooling is what slows it down, I am impatient :)
Watched an episode of 'I love Lucy', laughed and went to bed bed dreaming of my breakfast ;)

Mascarpone easy as 1-2-3

1 cup (250ml carton) of whole cream
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice or white vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar)

most recipes say 'use double boiler', but who needs that mess ;)
heat the cream in the pan on medium heat til it reaches bubbling stage (90c) watch it not to run over--it gets real fluffy and has a big desire to escape the pan ;)

turn the heat down a bit, add lemon juice or vinegar
stir gently

it will thicken up pretty quick, once it starts sticking to your spoon turn the heat off and let it stand for 20 minutes till it cools off.

to strain the whey out, line strainer with cheese cloth, if you don't have any , wide gauze will do ;)
put it in the fridge overnight covered with plastic wrap

Enjoy first thing in the morning:)

p.s you can season it with your fav herbs and garlic and spread it on bread--yumm!!! :)


la Ragazza con la Valigia said...

mmmm.. I used to have them every morning on a slice of bread ^^

Julija Art said...

;) it's yummy isn't it, today was strawberries , tomorrow i'll make a savory version for a change;)

Just Cake Girl said...

You have an amazing blog :) following ;)