December 18, 2010


Soooo... Italy...not too generous on snow...

I decided to make my own...and it's not the kind you buy at the supermarket in a can, that sprays  weird smelling goo all over things, making them look like a fire truck had freshly puked on! warm and fuzzy snow... like in old puppet cartoons... MY SNOW :)

you'll  say, "snow can't be warm and fuzzy! it's cold and it melts if you touch it". Yeah, in YOUR boring   world maybe, in MY world, it's very pleasant to the touch, and if you rub it on your cheek it won't prickle, or freeze it, it will give you warm fuzzies ;) just like little fluffy chicken (if you ever had the honor of touching one;)

here it is ;)
I think my snow will make real snow jealous :D! and it will come Christmas eve just to show off :)

I dare you Mother Nature! I dare you!


Natasha said...

test :)

Julija Art said...

i got it i goooot it ;D now i need to figure out how to make sure i don't miss them :D