January 26, 2010

Sea Monsters

Yep, that's what I think of when I have to drain my kitchen sink. Every time I have to roll up that right sleeve and dive in all the way up to the elbow, I wow I will never pour tea leaves in the sink, I will always scrape the plates and by golly I'll always toss dry rice from the pot straight into the trash. But that's a lie, I never remember to do it until the sink looks like a dark scary , COLD ocean.
And then it begins, the dreaded immersion in to the unknown, the creatures crawl up my skin, they tangle between my fingertips, they are slimy, sticky stinky! Oh how I hate my Sink Ocean!

I just irrigated it though, now I need to lift all the dying creatures and put them to rest... They don't like it, I can't stand it, but it has to be done. I like my sink clean, don't get me wrong, but I like dumping the contents of my mug straight in the sink, I like not scraping my plates into the trash bin, I like it! it's easy! leave me alone!

oh btw the main culprit of my Sink Ocean this time was this beauty ;) I tossed the cake pan in the sink and flooded it with water, Sink Ocean was very dark, rich chocolate color:)
here it is:
Crazy Chocolate Cake --triple C ;)

I am not going to share the recipe for now, I have no time at the moment, but I will , promise :)

Truly Madly Deeply yours ;)



Anonymous said...

Don't forget your awsome family -- these brownies would make 'em very happy. Especially, remember your sister, who lives far far away, and she is all alone... you know what I mean? do ya do ya?
yours truly:)

Julija Art said...

;)trust me, u make ur way to Europe,i'll make sure you never miss eating cake, lol ;)