May 02, 2012

Strawberries and wonton wrappers

Spring is in full swing, seasonal berries are plenty, perfect time to indulge in one of my favorite breakfast dishes-- strawberry dumplings.
When I was little, mama used to make them for us on her days off. Time consuming you see...but oh so worth every minute spend with that heavy rolling pin:)
Now, if you're lazy, or just saving time, grab some wonton wrappers at oriental grocery store and you're good to go. Wrapping them is easy and fun.

here's the recipe for the dough:


1 egg
pinch of salt
1c of ice cold milk (I drop an ice cube in the cup of milk, before I start the process)

sour cream or butter, to top

Whisk egg, milk, salt together with a fork, and add flour, enough for you to be able to still mix it with a fork. Beat all the lumps out and pour the dough out on a heavily floured surface.Fold flour in until the dough is pliable, small amount at a time.
Once the dough is not sticking to your hands anymore, start kneading it, give it good 10-15 minutes.
Wrap in plastic and let 'relax' in the fridge.

buy wonton wrappers and use them ;)

toll out the dough as thin as you possibly can, add half of a strawberry, dust it with a little bit of sugar, and wrap in any shape you wish.

Boil in salted water, eat carefully, try not to bite your tongue off ;D oh yeah, they are that good!:)

Enjoy <3

p.s you can use blueberries or pitted cherries, they make some awesome dumplings too!


iamprecious ♡ said...

wow nice! yummy :) new follower!

Julija Art said...

thank you iamprecious!:) off to return the curtsey;)

Laura and Romy @ MIXT said...

You do make cooking look glamorous! I'm definitely going to try a recipe! We will follow! Would be great if you follow back!

Rebecca D. Dillon said...

Mmm. Looks yummy!

Julye said...

looks so good!!

Julija Art said...

will do, girls, sorry I am so bad at this ;)thank you for stopping by!

Julija Art said...

Rebecca, if you try making them, let me know how you liked them;) I could eat them all day ;D

Julija Art said...

Julye, thanks!

Julija Art said...

Julye, thanks!