October 31, 2011


Happy Spooky Halloween to all!

Gotta love this holiday! Get to play dress up,
eat crazy looking food, drink toxic beverages, and what's most
fun trick or treat! :)
Not sure if little trick-or-treaters would love the idea of brain-dead
cupcakes with blood clots bursting out of them, but I am more than certain
PG 13 audience most definitely will!

No specific recipe to be followed here,use your favorite cupcake and frosting
recipe, cut holes in the cupcakes, fill with strawberry or cherry pie filling until they are about to burst.
Frost with squiggles that look like brain matter and voilĂ ,your toxic brain cupcakes are ready to be served!

Your friends will be delighted! Make sure you have plenty of napkins in store,it could
get messy!

Happy Halloween!

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