October 28, 2011

Decadent indulgence

I've always loved caviar! Salmon, beluga, cod, you name it--I like it! all but fake caviar, eek!

Sadly, most people I speak to hate it, I usually hear something like :" EEEEEEW , fish eggs". Makes me laugh, they don't know what they're missing!

On special occasions I make some crepes and eat caviar rolled in a crepe with crème fraîche, blissfully yummy! On the days when I have no time for crepes, I butter fresh bread and spread generous amount of caviar on it, top it with a thin slice of lemon, perfection!

When I have guests that enjoy caviar as much as I do, I always make sure to serve these little appetizers, Halloween table will have them on too, especially since they go nicely with the orange color scheme;)

If you never tried caviar, go for it, especially if you're not the 'eek-fish-eggs' type ;)

Don't they just look gorgeous? Orange pearls of salty goodness , yumm!

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