November 29, 2010

vegan,me? nooo way

so I am on this ridiculously restricting diet...
in short no carbs, carbs are in everything,so i only eat meat, nuts, and tiny amount of veggies...that sucks you'd say, and I'll agree...1000% :D
but I am getting creative to say the least ;) now I spend hours online looking for vegan recipes that include the ingredients I can have and this cheese is just too good not to make ;)
I found this recipe on the glorious website called Vegan Lunchbox.
here's the cheese in all it's splendor! ;)

Enjoy! I sure did!!!

it's fantastic hot right from the oven, waiting for it to cool to see how it's cold ;) the crust is just scrumptious:)
I'm planing on making little cookie shaped thingies out of it next time to get more crust  per bite:D

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